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Each of the signature SantaScents fragrances are created to bring out the Santa and Mrs. Claus in you and make your visits even a more magical experience.  We have chosen our favorites from the range.


Mrs.C's Cookies:

Fresh baked cookies out of the oven. Can you smell these buttery cookies and the vanilla frosting? Santa can hardly wait to have some!



Freshens the spirit and invigorates the mind. The scent will have you remembering the holidays all year long with a twinkle in your eye. This fragrance will have children holding out their hands in anticipation of a candy cane!



Freshly baked and decorated Gingerbread cookies bring back fond memories of Christmas baking. Rich warm Ginger spice with hints of sweet vanilla.


North Pole Pine

The scent of walking through the North Pole forest on a fresh cold christmas morning 



Freshly grated cinnamon right from the sticks. True cinnamon scent like in Grandma’s kitchen during the holidays. Energizing and enticing aroma.

(Caution: Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil is used in the CinnaClaus fragrance. Some people have skin sensitivity to this fragrance. Cinnamon is known as a “strong spicy oil”)


Each spray bottle is 2 oz

Santa Scents

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