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Multiplying Santa is a simple but effective Christmas routine to explain to children in a humorous way how Santa manages to deliver so many presents in a short space of time. Can be used by it’s self or a perfect addition to Santa Surprise set. In the routine a magician makes Giant multiple Santa's from an empty bag. 

In this effect you show to the audience an empty Christmas bag. From this bag you produce a colourful high quality shaped Santa card. You hand it to a volunteer. You show the bag is empty then pull another one out. This is repeated until the child has too many to hold. You explain to the children that Santa gets everywhere so quickly there must be more than one. They of course do not believe you. 

So you put all the Santa’s back in the bag and with a little magic they become one again. You get your helper to take this from the bag and show the bag as empty. At the end of the trick you may want to vanish the last Santa tooCan also be routined around how santa can get everywhere in the world to deliver presents in one night. 

You take one santa out of the bag, put him back in and a helper points a magic wand somewhere in the room. Everyone does their magic word and the bag is shown as empty. The helper goes to where they have pointed and finds Santa. Helper returns santa to you, it's put in the bag, helper points somewhere else and the effect 
is repeated, maybe two or three or four more times. 


Alternative routine

Making Santa appear outside the area you are performing in is very strong magically and all it takes is for the magician to hide the props before the kids come in. At the end, the bag is shown empty and you could even say Santa has gone to see his friends who are decorating his Christmas tree and then into the Santa's Surprise routine. 

Please note: Christmas Bag may vary. This trick would be a perfect addition to the Santa's Surprise


Multiplying Santa

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